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Online Matchmaking industry has been witnessing an upsurge since inception. Internet dating is on a boom and the number of people getting hit by this plague increase manifold by each passing hour. As the industry progresses more and more of its problems and faults come under the microscopic scanner of the critics. Here is a list of what plagues the industry and what needs to be sorted out to let the dating continue with its booming ways.

The most conspicuous problem with most of the online matchmaking webs is that they expect the users to sign-up ‘blindly’, that is without showing you a preview of what kind of profiles to expect from it. Then there are ones that do give you an access but to profiles that are not real but serve the purpose of being ‘baits’ to attract new members. Also, most webs do not update the member’s list and the profiles for long time altogether. Hence, even if member has stopped using the service his nick would continue to appear in the member’s list. Trial memberships make up for another problem faced by the users on matchmaking www. They do not give you all the facilities that are given to the regular members and sometimes, the trial membership is automatically transformed to a regular membership without any further action by the user. In this way, the cc information given by the users is misused.

Mistrust amongst members of such online dating sites is a common phenomenon owing to the lies that members might divulge about their height, weight and vital statistics! Sometimes, even the photographs are not real. Hence, there are more chances of members being misled by such liars on the online dating sites.
Just a little caution on your part and honesty on the part of the site owners can amend these problems easily. Enjoy the benefits of Online Dating sites and get a dream partner for yourself. The only pre-condition being that you discreetly choose a site that is reliable and trustworthy. There is hot web and more mainstream matchmaking site or just post your comment and tell the othere about any other real dating site to check. I know well how hard to choose the right one….


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